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Hanami 2024, KoblenzMay 25th - May 26th
Comic Salon Erlangen 2024May 30th - 2nd June 2024
Dokomi 2024, DüsseldorfJune 28th - 30th 2024
Anime Messe Babelsberg, Berlin/Potsdam19th - 21st July 2024
KAIDAN Ghost Story I, Mainz2nd - 3rd November
Comic Con Stuttgart, 202430th November - 1st Dezember

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For any questions and business enquiries.
Please be aware because of workload my response time can be up to 2 days.

About me

Hiya, I'm Hanne! Though I go by Yupii online. I am a Freelance Game Artist & Marketing Graphic Designer with over 3 years experience based in Europe and a VTuber at nightime!I mostly focus on Character focused Illustrations and find most of my fun lies there, I often like to design characters/mascots as well either for my own projects or existing works. Of course I also enjoy drawing fanart here and there.
While illustrating is mostly my focus, I am flexible to different art styles and forms of art, as well as different mediums and gladly enjoy experimenting with new things. Recently these endeavors are in Live2D.

Yupii Hunie
The Wannabe Magical Girl VTuber

Yupii Hunie is my Vtuber, she's more or less a personification of myself, an avatar if you will! Simply a girl who aspires to be a Magical Girl.
Even close to her 30s, she continues her search for the Magical beings that will grant her magical girl power by venturing into the world of... streaming!
On her journey she has been tricked into unleashing an evil witch version of herself: Witch Yupii!
You can catch my chaotic streaming adventures on Twitch. Clips and VODs are uploaded on Youtube.
My streams rotate between Game Streams, Visual Novel Reading Streams and Art Streams.

More art of Yupii Hunie!

Stream Schedule

DaysHour (CET)Hour (EDT)Hour (PDT)
Tuesday8 PM3 PM12 PM
Thursday8 PM3 PM12 PM

Missed a Stream? Catch up on my Youtube!

For Commercial illustrative & 2D Art work, I mainly work by an hourly rate ranging from 45€/hour up to 55€/hour depending on the type of work. However I will adjust the rates to your budget as necessary, so please do not hesitate to discuss these rates with me.
We can freely discuss a Flat fee for work as well, in which I'll per-determine the approximate amount of time required for your project and offer a Flat price with usage rights and licensing included.
These work rates are for contract/commercial work, for personal commissions see here!

Past Work Examples

A selection of Projects I took part of. Click on Images to view the games!

Other Projects & Clients

Other Game projects I have done work for, for more details and specifics what my tasks were feel free to ask.

  • Mega Monument Constructor , Mobile Game

  • Bubble Vet: Pet Clinic, Mobile Game

  • Uptasia, Browser Game

  • Horse Farm, Mobile & Browser Game

  • My Free Farm, Mobile Game & Browser Game

  • Various other NDA Projects

  • Relics of the Deep, School4Games Project

  • Celtic Rumble, School4Games Project

Previous Clients

  • Anime Herald LCC

  • Various Content Creators, Streamers & VTubers

Reviews / Testimonials

Want to Work with me? Contact me!

For any questions and business enquiries.
Please be aware because of workload my response time can be up to 2 days.

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Pixel Art

Live2D Model & Motion Graphics

Video Editing

Concept Art / Character Design

Previous Work

Click on Images to view the games directly!

Work Showcase

For more visit my social media galleries at:

Live2D/PNGTuber commissions: MAY + JUNE SLOTS OPEN

Terms of Service (TOS)

  • You must be 18+ to commission, no exceptions.

  • Do not claim Commission artwork as your own.

  • Credit when posting Commission online, certain commercial commissions may be exempt from this if discussed in terms and with adequate compensation. Otherwise Credit is a must regardless if Personal or Commercial.

  • I reserve the right to post commission artworks online for display in my galleries and portfolios.

  • I reserve the right to turn down commissions for any reason.

  • Commissions are not first come first serve by default. The selected applicants from the form will be selected and contacted.

  • If the commission is requested to be private, this will be discussed in advance and come with an additional fee. Asking a commissioner to remain annonymous is free of charge however, if this is wished for please always notify in advance.

  • Turnaround time of commissions is 1-2 months, but due to part-time work or circumstances might take longer. You will be updated to the best of my abillity.

  • Do not rush commissions. If you disregard this and attempt to rush, you will be charged a hefty rush fee. Please understand I only work part-time and there are others in the queue that may affect the turnover time of your commission.

  • If a deadline is required for the commission, please discuss these at the very beginning of the commission process for proper planning and to see if there is enough time to fullfill your order.

  • Always have image references of characters for commissions. For character/outfit designing commissions, these can be discussed and will be charged adequately.

  • You are not allowed to use any commissioned artwork (or any of my artwork) for NFTs or the training of AI under any circumstance. Anyone who goes against this rule will be blacklisted of any and all services.

  • Commission process works as follows: A sketch will be prepared and shown to the client as a preview. Changes may be made in this stage by the request of the commissioner. After the sketch is approved the commission will proceed to be finished. Once finished Commissioner will recieve the finished piece in High-Res and if requested the working file as well. Small adjustments can be made in this stage. Bigger changes will be charged a fee on top.

  • The commissioner is free to ask for updates after the sketch phase, so long you do not rush.

  • Half/Half payments are allowed for certain commissions. The commissioner will pay half and recieve the sketch update as a preview, upon paying the other half the commission will proceed to the finalization.

  • PP and Stripe are accepted payment methods. These will be done via invoice. Debit bank transfer is accepted only within Germany.

  • Refunds are not allowed. If I have not started your commission and you wish to cancel, you will be refunded in full. If I have finished the sketch/lineart you will be refunded half. However if the commission has been finished, the commissioner is not eligible for any refunds. The commissioner is allowed to ask for changes/adjustments. Should the change requested be more complex, a fee will be charged on top.

Will Do

  • Vtubers

  • Original Characters, Fan-Characters, Self-inserts

  • Fanart

  • OC x Canon, most pairings

  • Anthro & Characters with animal characteristics (cat ears, etc.)

  • If unsure, ask!

Will Not Do

  • NSFW

  • Controversial, Offensive or Harmful subjects

  • Gore

  • NFTs

  • If unsure, ask!

If you agree with these terms, see prices and samples below.

Commission Information

Below you will find all my commission types. Prices are all based on personal use, for commercial inquiries the pricing will differ.
Characters with detailed designs may increase price depending on the complexity.
All commissions will come with a basic background or transparent by default. If you wish for a complex and elaborate background, there will be a price increase depending on the complexity of the background.
Turnover time is aproximately 1 week to 1-2 months due to fulltime job and other duties. To maintain a humane and healthy schedule, I also do not work on weekends.
If you'd like a type of commission not listed here feel free to ask and discuss about it!

Note: All these prices are based on personal use, for contract work please see my work rates here!

Other options to Order Commissions.

Order via VGen

Order by filling out the form below!

For any questions and business enquiries.
Please be aware because of workload my response time can be up to 2 days.

Commission Information

Live2D VTuber commissions

Here you can find pricing and samples for 2D Vtuber Model Commissions.
Please Note: These commissions are for the Model only! It does NOT come with a rig!
For these commissions, you are allowed to pay half upfront and half upon finishing. Due to the complexity of the task, I will only allow small changes upon completition such as color changes/etc. I will gladly make adjustments in cutting to accomodate your rigger should they need more.
You recieve 4 expressions by default (Blushing, angry, scared, tears) and no additional body parts, should you want specific ones or more, please always specify and be aware the price will increase.
All prices here are not flat feees but estimates that start at the listed price and can increase depending on the complexity of your model's design, if you'd like a character sheet/design made as well that will increase the price as well. A Commercial fee is automatically included within the price.
Turnaround time for VTuber models is aproximately 1-2 months.
If you'd like just a Character Design/Character Reference for your VTuber and not a model, please see here

Other options to Order Commissions.

Order via VGen

Order by filling out the form below!

For any questions and business enquiries.
Please be aware because of workload my response time can be up to 2 days.

Commissions and Work

Q: How and when should interested customers contact you?
A: Please contact me via the contact form in my website or directly via email at [email protected] for any inquiries.
Q: Would you be interested in Sponsorships and Collaborations with brands or products?
A: Absolutely! Please contact me via the contact form in my website or directly via email at [email protected] if you're interested working with me!
Q: Would you be interested in hosting Classes or Workshops?
A: I'd be very willing to host Classes or Workshops depending what they are. Please contact me via the contact form in my website or directly via email at [email protected] if you're interested working with me!
Q: Would you like to work with a company as a hired employed force?
A: No. I'm currently only interested in Contract work and Freelance Work, sorry!
Q: Where can I find out when your commissions open?
A: I always announce my commissions opening in my social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, my patreon and in my Discord Server. Patrons get priority and even discounts in their slots in fact!
Q: Your commissions are closed, may I still order one from you?
A: If I am closed for the month you can either reserve a slot in the waiting list for the next month in advance or if you need the commission right away, depending on my queue I can accept your commission but you will be charged a rush fee on top of the commission price.
Q: Your Commission prices are based on Personal use, but I want to use the commission commercially. How much does it cost?
A: I charge a flat fee on commercial use. It works as follows: For Streaming/Video/Thumbnail use you will be charged an extra 20% of the total commission price on top. For merchandising, resale, and similiar purposes you will be charged an extra 50% of the total commission price on top.
Live2D/Vtuber Commissions already have the commercial fee calculated in, therefore you will not be charged extra. Note that this is a commercial fee calculated on top for individual costumers of smaller caliber and budget, for contract/commercial work from the get-go the calculating of the price will be 30% for commercial use instead
Q: How can I contact you for a commission?
A: Please contact me via the contact form on my website or order via VGen or e-mail me directly at [email protected]!
Q: Can you reduce your commission prices?
A: No. However if you insist on lesser prices then you can wait until I have special discounts in certain occasions.
Q: Is there a way to support you without commissioning you?
A: YES! You can support me immensely by becoming a patron or donating me on Ko-Fi or subscribing to my Twitch! Otherwise any engagement in Social Media is also of great meaning to me.

General Questions

Q: What Programs do you use?
A: I use a multitude of programs, however here are my main ones:
Illustration/Design: Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Affinity Photo/Designer
3D Work (Blockouts mainly): Blender, 3DS Max
Pixel Art: Aseprite
Video Editing: After Effects, CapCut, DaVinci Resolve
Streaming: OBS Studio
Vtubing: VTubeStudio (PC)
Q: What tablet do you use?
A: I use a Huion Kamvas Pro 20 (2019), an Huion wh1409 v2 on occasion and a Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus Tablet.
Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: According to my mom I've been drawing since I was born and could hold a pencil. Jokes aside, I've only seriously started learning how to draw when I was a teenager so I've been drawing aproximately over 15 years and been drawing professionally for over 3 years!
Q: What are your hardware?
A: I mainly work on a Desktop PC. Here are the specs for it:
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5700X
Motherboard: GIGABYTE B550 Aorus Elite V2
RAM: Corsair Vengance DIMM 32 GB DDR4-3200 Kit
SSD: WD Black SN770 1 TB SSD
SATA: Seagate Barracuda 8 TB
Power Supply: be quiet! Pure Power 12M 650W ATX30
Case: Fractal Design POP Air White RGB (Custom DIY painted in pink)
Print / Sticker equipment:
• Canon PIXMA G650
• Silhouette Studio Portrait
Q: Do you go to conventions?
A: Yes! I either come by as a visitor or table at conventions myself in artist alleys. I will announce attendance in my social media, so I strongly encourage you to follow me on Twitter and Instagram! The past years I have tabled in conventions like Dokomi, Connichi, AniMaCo, AniMesse Berlin, Vienna Comic Con and more (under the my previous name: "Wahahui")
Otherwise I really love going to Fighting Game events, you might see me in some here and there!
Q: Why did you rebrand to "Yupiistar"? Your previous username was more unique!
A: Because my previous username "Wahahui" was decided in a hurry for a convention sign up but over the course of the years I really hated the ring of it and didn't feel it represented me well, I'm much more happy with my current brand name!
Q: Can you come to X convention?
A: Depending where it is, sure. Please be aware I'm only capable of going to conventions within Germany at this point in time. Currently it is outside my budget to go tabling at conventions outside the country in exception of neighboring European ones (Ex: Austria, Denmark, France, etc.).
Q: Can you draw me/make me art?
A: Sorry, I do not take free art requests! I do not take Art Trades either. If you're interested in art from me, please see my Commissions.
Q: Can I use your art for my avatar/icon/header ?
A: Yes, you may, under the condition that you credit me! You may only use my art for personal use. If you want to use my art for a Thumbnail or Video, please always ask as I'd like to be aware what sort of content my art would be used for. I will also ask that you credit me visibly in the video and provide a link to me.
Q: Can I use your art for NFTs or AI ?
A: Absolutely not. I strictly forbidd using my art for NFTs or training of any AI, be it my personal art, my work related art or commissions.
If you see any of my art being used as an NFT please report it to the site, thank you!
Q: Can I use your OC in my project ?
A: If you wish to use my characters in projects, please always ask me directly and I will decide accordingly.
Q: Can I repost/edit/re-use your art on my social media?
A: No. I strongly encourage you Retweet/share my art in social media as I already post in a lot of them. However I have nothing against my art being posted in image boards so long credit is given to me and there's a link to the source.
Q: How old are you?
A: I'm almost in the 30s club.
Q: Where are you from?
A: Okay this will sound a bit complicated but I am Half German/Half Brazillian but was born and grew up in Portugal. I currently reside in Germany now.
Q: What languages can you speak?
A: I can speak Portuguese (Both Portuguese from Portugal and Portuguese from Brazil. Yeah I know it sounds confusing but just take it), German, English and I've finished beginner course in Japanese! I can also understand a bit of Spanish.
Q: Are you okay with Fanart?
A: Yes absolutely! I'm always happy about fanarts, so long they're not of NSFW nature.

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